A new chapter for Ballarat Hebrew Congregation

Ballarat Hebrew Congregation goes online.

This is an exciting venture for Australia’s oldest operating synagogue on mainland Australia: the historic mixes with the new.

We have created ballaratsynagogue.org to help be more accessible to our members and patrons, as well as the wider Jewish community so that current and next generations get benefit from the rich history of Jewish presence, both physically and spiritually.

This website would not have come alive if it weren’t for the dedicated efforts of both Max Lasky and Gary Mallin, who have been hands-on during the website design and development process. We look forward to their continued maintenance and management of this new arm to the Ballarat Hebrew Congregation.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the St Kilda Hebrew Congregation and the team at Digital Advocates for supporting this online odyssey bringing it to fruition.

We welcome any feedback about how we can help provide the information that contributes to and enhances your appreciation of the Ballarat Hebrew Congregation.

John Abraham, President

74 thoughts on “A new chapter for Ballarat Hebrew Congregation”

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