Go back in time to the Golden era

The historic Ballarat synagogue, built in 1861 during the Victorian gold rush, has been kept in its original condition for more than 150 years and is of museum quality and interest.

The synagogue welcomes visitors on its open-to-the-public days and also arranges individual and group visits.

Individual and group tours and visits

To arrange a date and time, please contact John Abraham on 0414 714 851 or Bernard Stone on 5332 1271. Tours are free. Donations are gratefully accepted.

Visitors will be guided through the history of the synagogue by expert guides, who will show you around the synagogue and its historic out-buildings, as well as the thriving Bernstein Canary Island pine tree, planted on 22 July, 1867, near the synagogue’s entrance.

Ballarat Synagogue