Services 2018


Program of scheduled services for 2018

All services start at 10.30am with guest speakers and a kiddush to follow in the Paul Simon Hall.

Saturday, 20 January

Parshah Bo.

Saturday, 17 February

Parshah Terumah.

Saturday, 10 March

Parshah Vayakheil-Pekudei (Shabbat Parah).

Saturday, 31 March

First day of Pesach.

Saturday, 21 April

Parshah Tazria-Metzora.

Sunday, 20 May

First day Shavuoth.

Saturday, 16 June

Parshah Korach.

Saturday, 14 July

Parshah Matot-Massei.

Saturday, 11 August

Parshah Reeh (Rosh Chodesh Elul).

Monday, 10 September

First day of Rosh Hashanah.

Some Friday night kabbalat Shabbat services are being planned for 2018.

These will include communal dinners following the services.

More details to come.

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Services 2017

Saturday, 21 January

Shabbat service, Sedra Shemot, 10.30am.

Saturday, 18 February

Shabbat service, Sedra Yitro, 10.30am.

Sunday, 12 March

Purim: Megillah reading, 5.30pm,  followed by a seudah/dinner and Purim party in the
Paul Simon Hall. Ba’al Koreh Ami Even-Chaim will read the Megillah.

Monday, 17 April

Pesach 7th day, yom tov service, 10.30am.

Wednesday, 31 May

Shavuot first day, yom tov service, 10.30am.

Friday, 16 June


NE Jewish Centre

You are invited to a Shabbaton on Friday,
16 June, at Ballarat Synagogue, organised by North Eastern Jewish Centre, Yeshurun Congregation, Doncaster, in conjunction with Ballarat Synagogue. 

Rabbi Daniel Rabin will officiate.

Service times will be announced soon.
Fully catered kosher meals
Dinner Friday night $25; lunch Shabbat  $25; evening meal Shabbat (shalosh seudot) $25; or reduced rate of $65 for the three meals.

RSVP and payment by Friday, 9 June, to Marcel Saxone or Max Lasky indicating attendance numbers and meal choices.
Marcel 0438 354 929, or Max 0418 335 446.

Guest speakers, forums and a range of other activities will also be held.

Saturday, 17 June

Shabbat service, Sedra Shelach, 10.30am.


Bernstein tree: planted 22 July 1867

Saturday, 15 July

Shabbat service, Sedra Pinchas, 10.30am.

Saturday, 12 August

Shabbat service, Sedra Eikev, 10.30am.

Saturday, 9 September

Shabbat service, Sedra Ki Tavo, 10.30am.

Thursday, 21 September

Rosh Hashanah first day, 10.30am.

Friday, 29 September

Kol Nidrei, 7pm.

Saturday, 30 September

Yom Kippur morning service, 10.30am.
Mincha and Neilah, 5.15pm; fast ends 7.02pm.

Saturday, 7 October

Shabbat chol hamoed Sukkot, 10.30am.

Saturday, 11 November

Shabbat service, Sedra Chayei Sarah, 10.30am.

Saturday, 2 December

Shabbat service, Sedra Vayishlach, 10.30am.

Sunday, 17 December

Chanukah day 5; mincha at 7pm followed by Menorah lighting and a Chanukah soiree in the
Paul Simon Hall.


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